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Research and additions to archive February 2024

  1. Searching for American relatives of the five crewmen who lost their lives in the B-24 Liberator crash near Hazel Manor Farm in Compton Martin on 14 March 1944. The relatives of four crew members wish to be kept informed about the memorial plaque.


  1. Jacky visited Bristol Record office to find out more about the pipeline from Cheddar reservoir via Rowberrow and Churchill. The 1921 census shows a number of local men were employed by Crawford Brothers the contractors for the pipeline.  Jacky found some useful maps and also copied the service records of a number of local men employed by Bristol Water Company.


​   2.  Research into the Cole family for Marion Ball after the

        ‘Beyond the grave‘ talk.


   3.  I have been updating WW1 records of those who served in            Blagdon and Charterhouse with the 1921 census and 1939            register – looking the impact of the war on local families.              The aim is to pass WW1 research to Somerset Heritage.


     4.  Looking at the family history of Warford, Rich and Vowles

          family in Nempnett and Ubley

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