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Articles and reviews of talks at Blagdon Local History Society meetings 
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Wednesday 9th February 2022 : Geological surveys at Holt Farm, Blagdon. Presentation by Arthur Langley from YCCART - - Article by Mike Adams.


Esther works at the Somerset Heritage Centre in Taunton and uses documents available from the archives to paint a picture of crime and punishment in times gone by -- Article by Mike Adams

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12th May 2022 - An exceptionally well illustrated talk, and  therefore article, covering three Bristol industries of of tobacco, chocolate and brewing, all of which have left their mark on Bristol. As always the article is by Mike Adams

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The aim of the Winscombe Project is to examine, through the use of topographical, archaeological and historical evidence, the previous community of the parish and its  interaction with the landscape. By Mike Adams 

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The scheme to build a dam to hold back the waters of the Yeo from the east to form a vast reservoir required vision and a huge amount of man power. From day one it changed Blagdon forever. Article by Mike Adams

It is one of the oldest houses in Blagdon, with some important vernacular building styles marking its venerable age. A home for many  Blagdon families over the centuries.

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