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Mining on Mendip

Mining on Mendip
by Steve toft

I'Back in January 2021, Steve Tofts delivered an excellent talk online about the history of mining near Blagdon up in the Charterhouse and Priddy area up on the Mendip. Unfortunately do to technical problems the audio file recoreding was lost.


However the images used in the Powerpoint style presentation were preserved and here they are for your interest and delectation. Much of the interest and fascination by archeologists and local historians alike is conveyed to us by these pictures. They also show how much more has been added by the investigations of CHERT over recent years. Combined with Steve's annotation there is more than enough information to further stimulate the imagination. Click on the image to enter the slide show.


Below the slide show below is a synopsis of the talk written by Mike Adams for the Blagdon Parish Magazine the following month. This will provide a bit more of an explanation what the images represent.

Image 12-11-2021 at 11.57.jpg
Screenshot 2021-11-12 at 11.57.53.png
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