The next big event

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Wednesday 9th February 2022, 7pm on Zoom

The AGM was held on Wednesday 9th February at 7pm. The finances and agenda notices appeared in members' email boxes.

The short meeting for members was be followed at 7.30pm by a public presentation. Arthur Langley, chair of YCCCART was talking about some of their local projects including preliminary results from Blagdon. The surveys were in the fields next to Park Lane and below the New Inn. It is an area that has been looked at before, once several years ago by Siobahn Watson-Follet, in which a wall structure was found and possible medieval pot shards. Also The Rev. John Skinner (1772–1839), who was a parish vicar and amateur antiquarian and archaeologist operating mainly in the area of Bath and the villages around what is Bath and North East Somerset and North Somerset, mentioned there was some interesting finds in this area of the village of Blagdon. We leave it to Arthur to reveal more...

If you want to catch on the  Blagdon Local History Society Youtube channel click on this link: Arthur Langley and Recent Archeological surveying in Blagdon by the research team YCCART