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Views ancient and modern around the landscape of Blagdon village

ebay rhodyate view pc_edited_edited.jpg
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What makes Blagdon really interesting has always been the people who lived there

1930s roots measurements for the prize vegetable at the 1937 Blagdon Flower Show
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Homes, farms, public buildings and commercial buildings

Village club ed.jpg
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From Christmas to Jubilee celebrations, weather events and seasonal activities.

Flower Show early 1920s
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A reminder that once upon a time, the Mendip was not just a rural landscape

St Cuthberts, Charterhouse 1865
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People at Work

Blagdon was almost self sufficient at one time. The are the poeple that made so. Shopkeepers and workers

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Blagdon Lake

The creation of the lake and its early days

The new road over dam_edited.jpg
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Old maps with Blagdon on. Old maps of Blagdon.

rhodyate from Google Earth
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