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Events in 2022

If it was a talk and you want to see a video of it as it happened, 'click' on its title if it is underlined

This is a talk about the recently-produced map based on a detailed description of the overall layout of Bristol in 1480 by Bristolian chronicler William Worcestre. Delivered on Wednesday 12th January 2022 at7.30pm, it was a talk on Zoom by Bob Jones, who was one of the team that produced the map. He talked about the research and knowledge gained in producing it whilst also giving a potted history of the development of Bristol as a city. He told Blagdon Local History Society what recent archeological finds and excavations have occurred to substantiate chronicles and how they added to how we understand the development of Bristol.

(1) Ricart's map 1479.jpg

Arthur Langley, chair of YCCCART talking about some of their local projects including preliminary results from Blagdon. The surveys were in the fields next to Park Lane and below the New Inn. It is an area that has been looked at before, once several years ago by Siobahn Watson-Follet, in which a wall structure was found and possible medieval pot shards. Also The Rev. John Skinner (1772–1839), who was a parish vicar and amateur antiquarian and archaeologist operating mainly in the area of Bath and the villages around what is Bath and North East Somerset and North Somerset, mentioned there was some interesting finds in this area of the village of Blagdon. We leave it to Arthur to reveal more...

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What really happened in our county between the

Romans leaving and the Normans arriving? 

What was life like for the people who lived in the same

places where we have our roads, fields and houses?

And what happened locally that made sure we all ended up speaking this English language?


Forget what you may have been told in school - in recent years new research and archeology have dramatically changed our view on how the Somerset we know emerged from the forgotten centuries. This talk aims to make sense of this fascinating period of of local history, with a few surprises.

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Friendly Societies were formed, including in Blagdon, in order to alleviate financial hardship in times of sickness, death and old age. Somerset groups held 'Walking Days' when they displayed their brass emblems. Our expert will talk about the local customs and show us some brasses.

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May 14th Saturday 10am-4pm: Lost and Found exhibition with Alan Betteridge

Keen detectorist Alan has access to several exclusive sites from which he has amassed a fascinating collection. Come and see for yourself, try to guess some of the objects' origins and learn about rural life in the past. Everything from brass tools, harness buckles to rare coins. A great family opportunity. Click here for an article about the event.

June 8th 7.30pm: Recent archaeology in North Somerset with Cat Lodge

Early June, CAT LODGE, the senior county archeologist came to give the society a rundown on all the archeological activity in the region. Also a bit of advice for aspiring archeologists in Blagdon. Always a lively and interesting speaker.

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Blagdon between the Wars.png

Twenty years or so of great change in Blagdon and Britain. Memories, photographs and archive material from those years. Some well known families and events from the 20s and 30s. How did the village fare in the depression years and beyond?


October 12th 7.30pm: Street End from the 1800s ... the story so far
with Sheila Johnson

Looking at the area of the village known as Street End: the history of The Rocks, some of the houses, the families who lived there and a snapshot of the lives they led …   Our Archivist Sheila has been researching this area in considerable depth.

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