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Blagdon Local History Society


Wed 13th April, 7.30pm


LIVE in Court Lodge (next to Stores) and on Zoom

An introduction to...........


















.......Our April talk will be given in person to a live audience and streamed simultaneously via Zoom. 

Friendly Societies were formed in order to alleviate financial hardship in times of sickness, death and old age. Blagdon was no exception. Groups such as our ?Ancient Order of Buffaloes held "walking days" when they displayed their brass emblems. Our expert will talk about the local customs and show us some staves and brasses. It promises to be a fascinating presentation. 

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Events continue online for Blagdon Local History Society and a new video of Blagdon in the 70s..... 

There are no formal meetings and events at the Blagdon Lodge of the Blagdon Local History Society until further notice due to the coronavirus pandemic. If there are any changes in the advice and guidelines from the Government that are acquiescent of people being confined together in small spaces then we will contact you by email to inform you of when and where forthcoming events will be.


In an effort to make you, the members of Blagdon Local History Society, feel as though there still is a society, despite being unable to meet at the Lodge, members of the committee have been working hard to keep events and facilities up and running.


 The invention of Zoom came to the rescue. As an online portal for meetings, talks and conferences, it seemed to have been perfected in time for the pandemic. Through this medium we have presented many talks and had our AGM and committee meetings. These ‘virtual meetings’ have provided a passing facsimile of the real thing. Most of these talks have been preserved on the other magical facility of You Tube, on which the society now has a dedicated You Tube Account. Click here to be transported there.

Below is what is coming up next. If you are not a member and you want to attend a particular event go to the Events page to make a donation for a link. 

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Where a speaker wishes for the talk not to be recorded, you find a link on the events page to a transcript or synopsis of the talk.


If this is still not enough to give you your ‘fix’ of Blagdon History, the BLAGDON LOCAL HISTORY website will continue to be developed, as will the Facebook Group. For this click on the link at the bottom of the page.

In fact, this is something that you may wish to get involved with yourselves and it may be an excuse to get writing some of that family history or the history of your business, club or house, that you have been meaning to do for years and we will publish it on the website. If you include lots of interesting pictures, then all the better – things like building pics, people pics (if they don’t mind), landscapes, all the more and the merrier. 

Send them to the developer Peter May at

Don’t worry about spelling mistakes, or punctuation etc. Just write in your own voice – that’s the most important thing.

If you get too carried away, Peter reserves the right to clip out any ‘deviation, repetition or hesitation’. Can't say fairer than that.


How to join the Blagdon Local History Facebook Group


You will have to email Peter May at to ask for an invite. This way you get to see all the pictures and post comments. Also, any updates will get posted both to your Facebook account and any notifications of updates to your email box.

Join the Blagdon Local History Facebook Group (see below how to join). The Facebook Group is something that may take your mind off the pandemic and give you the excuse to get out and get a bit of air in your lungs. The Facebook Group is basically a ‘page’ or gallery of images – mainly photos of ‘then and now’ or even ‘before and afters’. An intriguing and magical way to see how things have changed from the comfort of your own phone or computer. It can be accessed from any of the Facebook logo icons at the bottom of every page of the website. 


It may be that you may have some hidden gems of pictures of parts of the village, or your house, from way-back-way. You may not have thought they were of much interest, but if you compare the ‘before’ with the ‘after’, you suddenly see how things have changed, often in a big way. But sometimes there are just subtle differences that just manifest themselves in (possibly) the evocation of fond memories.


So if you have an old photo and you manage to take another photo from exactly same spot, we can match them together in the gallery. Then everyone can view them side by side, or one on top of the other. We would love you to share them with us and you may be surprised that somebody somewhere knows a few things about the same scene that you didn’t know.

However, if you have just the ‘before’ then we can get the ‘after’ for you – I need the exercise!


Another possibility is that you may have a mysterious scene that you may not know where it is, what it is or when it was. In which case we can publish the image and our experts in the village will rise to the challenge and provide a full ‘time and place’ for you and probably a truck load of anecdotes on top. And if needs be, we’ll provide the ‘after’ image.

And another thing.....You may also have some images of a recent extension or house refurb’ or you’ve seen a transformation recently in your street. You may not think that this is history at the moment. But it soon will be!

So, send the pictures to the administrator of the Facebook Group by email to Peter May at or try to load them up yourself. Peter will have to check them out- so it wont be instant.

If they need scanning to digitize them for the computer then Peter can pick them up. Even if they are just negatives, we can turn them into positives.

An 8mm Home Movie has been loaned to the Blagdon local history Society, which has been digitised and post on the BHLS website for the members to view at their leisure. This was a record of all the events in Blagdon that were organised to celebrate the the Queen's Silver Jubilee in 1977. It was called as you might expect - Blagdon Celebrates the Queen's Jubilee. We would like to give full credits for the producer of this movie, therefore if you know any details about who, what and where, and even why was this movie made, please email me the editor with the details. I will write a small article about it.